1. According to the type of job, qualifications, conditions, with the receiving Enterprise negotiation
2 The selection of qualified personnel from the domestic enterprise recommended
3 Receive Japanese organizations, enterprises come to China visit China recommended Enterprise and interview intern Alternates 4 Interview qualifier contract with the enterprise
5 Those who pass interview medical examination

Weihai ShangYang Overseas Employment Services Co Ltd is located in People's Republic of China Employment Services is a certified Chinese government's - Weihai. where is most livable human settlement city And is Licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, People's Republic of China, and to engage in a variety of skills and labor intern (CREW) sent around the world in various fields of work.

Company's team is composed of experienced industry personnel composition of the team, all staff have the experience to study abroad, foreign language proficiency and experienced people. Abroad on the basis of the employer's requirements, strict selection of personnel. Ultimately receives final interview foreign enterprises, selected personnel of our company is responsible for initial training Our company attaches great importance to the overall level of personnel training, through comprehensive language training, learning foreign habits, daily rituals, common sense and other expertise... ...